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About Northshore Sportscars

At Northshore Sportscars, we enjoy educating our visitors on the finer aspects of different makes and models, assisting in vehicle purchases, complete restoration and repair services, as well as accommodating those drivers who are selling their classic autos.

Offering a handpicked selection of British and European sports cars including Alfa Romeo, Austin Healey, Jaguar, MG, Mercedes, Morgan, Lotus, Triumph, and Porsche - our cars are well suited to first time buyers and sophisticated collectors alike.


For those who appreciate quality, you can view these vehicles at our spacious indoor showroom located in Lake Bluff, Illinois.

Northshore Sportscars was hand-selected to become an Authorized Morgan Dealer for the Chicago Land Area and the Midwest.

Northshore Sportscars

Meet The Team

Michelle Bries
Michelle Bries Nichols


With a MBA in Business Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management, Michelle’s business experience has run the gamut, from sales management to business development. She combines these talents with her passion for cars as she takes the wheel as President of the well-established vintage car business that her father, Norbert Bries, started in 1989.

Keith Pickard
Keith Pickard

Chief Technician

Keith had over 30 years of automotive experience in his home country of Scotland before immigrating to the United States, where he has since become a citizen. He has been with Northshore Sportscars since 2001 and is frequently called The Wizard. Keith has a passion for vintage automobiles both on the track and off, “these are the cars I grew up with” says Keith.

Norb Bries



"Bries founded his business in a 4,500-square-foot facility in Highland Park in 1989, moving to his current 17,000 sq-ft headquarters in early 1995. But Northshore Sportscars didn’t just spring arbitrarily, it was a long time in coming."

Peter Mika A+ Headshot .jpg
Peter Mika

Automotive Mechanic

Finding his automotive hobby early on, Peter worked at Northshore Sportscars in 2013 while attending college. He eventually left to continue his training on late model vehicles and picked up another hobby along the way, RACING. After realizing his desire to return to Northshore, Peter is succeeding in all areas including the track. 

Rich Chapman A+ Headshot .jpg
Rich Chapman

Automotive Mechanic

During the winter of 2019, Rich kept coming in to Northshore Sportscars to buy parts. Norb asked Rich if he wanted to work for Northshore and he agreed on a part-time basis in between his retirement duties of fixing up his personal car collection, international sailing adventures, band schedule and time with his family.

Big Blue


“Big Blue” is the name given to this one of kind factory built Morgan Plus 8 GTR. It was designed in house by Morgan race engineer & Lemans winning driver Christopher Lawrence in 1996, to develop the first all new chassis in over sixty years.


This is the number one Aero 8 chassis tested at Sebring and Laguna Seca in 1997, successful enough to be used in the subsequent production of Aero 8, Aeromax Coupe, and now the new Aero Super Sport targa.

Big Blue Morgan Plus 8 GTR
Big Blue Morgan Plus 8 GTR

Northshore Sportscars purchased the car directly from Charles Morgan in 2004, refurbished it and has been racing it since in vintage venues around the Midwest. It is pictured here racing in the 1st inaugural “Peter Morgan Memorial Challenge” race and finishing first place against hefty competition from an Aero Lemans competitor.


The car has been predominantly featured in two recent books written about the Morgan Motor Company 100th anniversary.

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