1971 Triumph GT6 MK3

1971 Triumph GT6 MK3

The Triumph GT6 is a 6-cylinder sports coupé built by Standard-Triumph from 1966 to 1973. In 1963, Giovanni Michelotti was commissioned by Triumph to design a GT version of their recently introduced Spitfire 4. To overcome the lack of performance inherent in the heavier body style the Spitfire's 4-cylinder engine was replaced with the more powerful 2.0 liter Triumph inline 6. Contemporary Triumph marketing advertised the GT6 as being developed from the "race winning Le Mans Spitfires."

Indeed, the Triumph GT6 has long been called “the poor man’s E-type,” and from the beginning it was competitively priced as such to compete with the likes of the MGB GT. But even though the GT6 is rarer, quicker, prettier, has two more cylinders, and makes a better sound than the MG.


This GT6  MK 3 is a rare find as many of these cars have simply disappeared. The sleek, sporty styling is similar to the iconic Jaguar XKE of the same era. This GT6 has had recent extensive work done including high torque cam with HD valve springs,  carb rebuild & tuneup, trans overhaul with new bearings and synchronizers, new clutch, rear half shafts upgraded to cv joints, new carpet, seat foam & rear compartment foam, new radio, floor heat & sound insulation, rear wheel bearings, rear suspension overhaul, front and rear shocks, front suspension overhaul and new gear reduction starter. Additional upgrades include; Mini-lite alloy wheels with new tires, front brakes, rotors & calipers, rear drum brakes, Monza exhaust, stereo that is MP3 ready & speakers, aluminum radiator, water pump, master & slave cylinders, polished aluminum valve cover and electronic ignition and converted to GPS electronic speedometer.

This Triumph GT6 drives better than new!


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Interior: Black